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Fuck you Money - Cost of Living Tracking Google Sheet

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Introducing the Fuck You Money Spreadsheet: Take Control of Your Financial Independence! Discover the power of Fuck You Money—a term that signifies the freedom to say "fuck you" to unfavorable situations or people. Achieving financial independence reduces stress, provides security, and grants the freedom to choose your path. But you don't have to be rich or retire forever to experience it.

Think small and focus on buying yourself time—time to find a new job, start a business, or embark on exciting adventures. The Fuck You Money Spreadsheet helps you understand your financial parameters and calculate your runway—the time you can afford to take off based on your savings and expenses. By tracking your expenses and savings, you can uncover the stored time in your account. Simply subtract your expenses from your savings to determine how long you can sustain yourself without a job. It's a straightforward formula that empowers you to make informed decisions about your finances and prioritize what truly matters.

The Fuck You Money Spreadsheet encourages you to lower your expenses and increase your income, offering a simple yet effective way to accumulate more time in your account. It aligns with the principles of the FIRE movement (Financial Independence, Retire Early), which emphasizes saving and investing to achieve financial freedom. With this spreadsheet, you gain awareness of your financial parameters, enabling you to take control and work towards increasing your stored time.

Having a cushion of fuck you money provides peace of mind and opens doors to new opportunities. Take charge of your financial independence today. Get the Fuck You Money Spreadsheet and unlock the potential of your time. Embrace a life with fewer constraints and more freedom to pursue your passions.


The sheet below is all you need to get tracking.

Hop in and make a copy, ideally to a Google Drive.

Copy the template sheet

Every month then do the following:

  1. Add your income from different sources to the Income Tab of the financial-overview sheet
    Add your income to the sheet
  2. Add your new expenses from your bank account to the new_dump sheet
    Add new expenses
  3. Categorise your expenses head here to use the AI-Tool
  4. Review and adjust categories
    Adjust your expense categories
  5. Copy over to a new month from the expense overview tab
    Calculate your monthly results
  6. Review spending, saving, and run-rate
    Calculate your monthly results
  7. Start saving up fuck you money

To get into the right mood of why to use this, I recommend reading this: Fuck You Money Doesn't Mean You Need To Be Rich