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Expense Sorted

Avoid the chores of manually categorising your expenses every month.

Use AI instead!

Hook this up to your Google Sheet and speed up your monthly workflow.

Expense Sorter

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Key Features & Benefits

  • Automatic categorization using advanced AI algorithms
  • Secure Google Sheets integration to ensure privacy and data protection
  • Streamlined interface for seamless user experience
  • Accurate transaction identification to reduce manual oversight
  • Customizable categories to fit personal or business needs

What Users Are Saying

"This tool transformed my monthly budgeting routine. It's efficient and incredibly accurate."

- Jason N.

"As a small business owner, the AI-driven classification saves me hours each month!"

- Vicky S.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Our integration prioritizes security. We use OAuth 2.0 and never store your data.
  • Yes, our tool is flexible, allowing you to add or modify categories as you see fit.
  • While our AI is highly accurate, we provide an interface for you to make manual adjustments if needed.